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Following up on his gritty Dogma-certified look at street life in Toronto in Johnny, Carl Bessai shifts gears to detail suburban ennui in Vancouver. Lola (Sabrina Grdevich) spends much of her days on her therapist's couch, blankly wandering the malls and running the odd errand for her hard-driving husband Mike (Colm Feore). Their marriage has stagnated for so long that they can barely imagine another way of living together. One night after an ugly fight, Lola heads into the night. She runs into a hooker named Sandra (Joanna Going), who is fleeing a loan shark and who is heading home for the first time in 15 years after her father died. They strike up a fast friendship, adding a blush of real emotion to Lola's life that had been absent for years. When Sandra's loans catch up with her, Lola assumes Sandra's identity and goes to visit her mother.

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