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SPAGHETTI WESTERNS 20 Movie Pack includes works made primarily in Italy and other European locations. (Note that "Apache Blood" is an American film.) MILL CREEK box sets offer good-to-average-quality audio and video transfers of public domain material at a most reasonable price. An excellent companion piece would be their MEAN GUNS 20 Movie Pack, which offers 18 films not already in this DVD pack. . Parenthetical numbers preceding titles are 1 to 10 viewer poll ratings found at a film resource website. (3.4) Apache Blood (1975) - Ray Danton (4.6) (*) Between God, the Devil and a Winchester (Italy/Spain-1968) - Gilbert Roland/Richard Harrison (5.7) (*) Beyond the Law (Italy/W Ger./Monaco-1968) - Lee Van Cleef/Antonio Sabato/Gordon Mitchell/Lionel Stander/Bud Spencer (5.5) China 9, Liberty 37 (Italy/Spain-1978) - Warren Oates/Sam Peckinpah (6.9) Death Rides A Horse (Italy-1968) - Lee Van Cleef/John Phillip Law (6.1) (*) The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe (Italy-1972) - Klaus Kinski/Chen Lee (5.0) (*) Find a Place to Die (Italy-1968) - Jeffrey Hunter (6.1) (*) Fistful of Lead (Italy-1970) - George Hilton/Charles Southwood/Erica Blanc (4.0) God's Gun (Italy/Israel-1976) - Lee Van Cleef/Jack Palance/Richard Boone (5.1) Grand Duel (Italy/France/W. Ger./Monaco-1972) - Lee Van Cleef (5.3) Gunfight At Red Sands (Spain/Italy-1963) - Richard Harrison (5.1) It Can Be Done Amigo (Spain/Italy/France-1972) - Bud Spencer/Jack Palance (6.2) (*) Johnny Yuma (Italy-1966) - Mark Damon/Lawrence Dobkin (5.3) (*) Man from Nowhere ("Arizona Colt") (Italy/France-1966) - Guiliano Gemma (6.0) (*) Minnesota Clay (France/Spain/Italy-1965) - Cameron Mitchell (6.1) (*) Sundance and the Kid (Italy/Spain-1969) - Giuliano Gemma/Nino Benvenuti (4.7) This Man Can't Die (Italy/Spain-1972) - Guy Madison/Rik Battaglia (4.0) Trinity And Sartana (Italy-1972) - Robert Widmark (4.2) (*) Twice a Judas (Italy/Spain-1969) - Klaus Kinski/Antonio Sabato (3.7) White Comanche (Spain-1968) - Joseph Cotten/William Shatner

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DIGO20040 Spaghetti Western Pack DVD (Apache Blood/Between God the Devil and a Winchester/Beyond the Law/China 9 Liberty/Death Rides a Horse/Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe/Find a Place to Die/Fistful of Lead/God's Gun/Grand Duel/Gunfight at Red Sands/It Can be Done $9.98