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Here you get to see James Stewart evolve as a western star. In "Destry Rides Again" he plays the same old likable character we have seen throughout the 30's. It was too bad it was made in the golden year of 1939, or else the film would probably be better known. "Winchester 73" sees the beginning of Stewart's teaming with Anthony Mann. Together they made what can almost be described as film noir westerns. Here Stewart plays a much darker and more complex character than you are probably accustomed to seeing in westerns of this era. The trend continues in "Bend of the River" and "The Far Country". "Night Passage" was supposed to be another Mann/Stewart western, but the two had such a falling out during filming that another director took over and the two didn't work together again. For whatever reason, this film isn't quite as good as the others in this set, but it is still worthwhile. Finally there is "The Rare Breed". Stewart's later comedy/western combinations didn't work as well as his earlier more complex efforts in my opinion, but star power makes this one hold up, with Maureen O'Hara and Brian Keith also featured. Plus there are some interesting plot twists involving Stewart's character.

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Special Features Full-length interview with James Stewart provided as a commentary on Winchester 73

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