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Disc #1 : Two Silent Films "THE RING" (1927) - Two boxers fall in love with a girl named Nellie. Visually dazzling. "MANXMAN" (1929) - Hitchcock's last silent film. A love story about two fishermen & a landlord's daughter. Disc #2 : Two early sound films "MURDER" (1930) - the 104 minute U.K. version, good suspense drama. A juror re-thinks his verdict and investigates the crime himself. "SKIN GAME" (1931) - Based on a John Galsworthy play, a little stagy. A traditional family battles a (then) modern family over land. Not as racy as the title would suggest. Disc #3 : "RICH AND STRANGE" (1931) - Unexpected riches don't bring happiness for a married couple. "THE HITCHCOCK WAY" (2007) - 15 minute documentary features interviews with Alfred's daughter and surviving crew members as well as film historians. Of special interest is the explanation of how difficult it was to work in early sound films and how Hitchcock got around the problems in 1930.

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LGE20860 Hitchcock Collection DVD (Manxman/Murder/Rich and Strange/Ring/Skin Game) $24.98