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Gary Cooper plays Alvin York, the real-life country lad and sharpshooter drafted to fight during World War I but blocked from killing by his pacifist sentiments. Howard Hawks makes a rousing, heroic film out of the tale, and Cooper gives one of his best performances (for which he won an Oscar). The 1941 feature seems as much a valentine to wartime America (and a not-so-subtle piece of propaganda) as anything, with Hawks capturing splendidly shot scenes of life in York's home state of Tennessee, which in turn provide a striking contrast to the battlefield. A key scene in the film, in which York is presented with an argument in favor of killing in war, is still thought provoking.

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Special Features Commentary by Jeannine Basinger Classic Cartoon Porky's Preview Vintage short Lions for Sale Cooper Trailer Gallery New making-of-featurette Sergeant York: Of God and Country Vintage biographical profile Gary Cooper: American Life, American Legend

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