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A popular TV series in the late 1950's, "Lock-Up" dramatizes how innocent citizens can be accused and punished for serious crimes, and that a thorough investigation - without prejudice, is the unalienable right of every citizen. The inspiration for these weekly stories (78 episodes from 1959 through 1961), came from the personal files and case histories of prominent, Philadelphia lawyer, Herbert L. Maris, a man who strongly believed in the major canon of American jurisprudence: That we are all presumed innocent until proven guilty. Starring MacDonald Carey as Herbert L. Maris, Esq., each half hour episode portrays the attorney as a man "who has devoted his life to saving the innocent." The Harry Connors Story: On trial for the fatal beating of a wealthy businessman, and despite four eyewitnesses who saw him running from the crime scene, Harry Connors is acquitted of all charges. While everyone connected to the case is shocked at the verdict, attorney-at-law Herb Maris has strong doubts about the man's guilt and proceeds to investigate on his own. Brother's Keeper: An elderly couple is mugged and robbed in broad daylight. The culprit runs from the scene and a rookie cop with a perfect service record is dismissed from the force and jailed for letting the young punk escape. Two Wrongs: A famous actress is shot to death just hours after a nasty fight with her co-star, the arrogant and temperamental Vincent Gibson. When Gibson is indicted for the murder, a mutual friend, who believes the actor is innocent, pleads with Herb Maris to help him. The Sisters: Shortly before socialite Whitney Coleman is scheduled to testify against her philandering husband in a bitter divorce case, he is found shot to death in the couple's apartment. Though the coroner rules the shooting a suicide, lawyer Maris starts asking questions.

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