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Much like Richard Adams's wonderful novel, this animated tale of wandering rabbits is not meant for small children. It is, however, rich storytelling, populated with very real individuals inhabiting a very real world. The animation is problematic, sometimes appearing out of proportion or just subpar; but it seems to stem from an attempt at realism, something distinguishing the film's characters from previous, cutesy, animated animals. A band of rabbits illegally leave their warren after a prophecy of doom from a runt named Fiver (Richard Briers). In search of a place safe from humans and predators, they face all kinds of dangers, including a warren that has made a sick bargain with humankind, and a warren that is basically a fascist state. Allegories aside, Down is engaging and satisfying, and pulls off the same amazing trick that the novel did--you'll forget that this is a story about rabbits.

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New high-definition digital restoration, with uncompressed stereo soundtrack on the Blu-ray New interview with director Martin Rosen New interview with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro about the film’s importance in animation history Picture-in-picture storyboards for the entire film (Blu-ray); four film-to-storyboard scene comparisons (DVD) Defining a Style, a 2005 featurette about the film’s aesthetic Trailer PLUS: An essay by comic book writer Gerard Jones

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