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French master Max Ophuls’s most cherished work, The Earrings of Madame de . . . is an emotionally profound, cinematographically adventurous tale of false opulence and tragic romance. When the aristocratic woman known only as Madame de (the extraordinary Danielle Darrieux) sells her earrings, unbeknownst to her husband (Charles Boyer), in order to pay personal debts, she sets off a chain reaction, the financial and carnal consequences of which can only end in despair. Ophuls adapts Louise de Vilmorin’s incisive fin de siècle novel with virtuosic camera work so elegant and precise it’s been called the equal to that of Orson Welles.

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Special Features * New, restored high-definition digital transfer * Audio commentary featuring film scholars Susan White and Gaylyn Studlar * Introduction by filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood) * Interviews with Ophuls collaborators Alain Jessua, Marc Frédérix, and Annette Wademant * A visual analysis of the movie by film scholar Tag Gallagher * Interview with novelist Louise de Vilmorin on Ophuls’s adaptation of her story * New and improved English subtitle translation * PLUS: A booklet featuring a new essay by Molly Haskell, an excerpt from costume designer Georges Annenkov’s 1962 book Max Ophuls, and the source novel, Madame de, by Louise de Vilmorin

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