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Adapted from a novel by David Dodge, Plunder of the Sun is basically Treasure of the Sierra Madre in Aztec country. Several interested parties converge upon the Mexican Aztec ruins in search of a long-buried treasure. Insurance investigator Glenn Ford is ostensibly the hero, but he doesn't seem any more trustworthy than the rest of the petty crooks, fallen women and alcoholics who've gone along for the archeological ride. And as long as the producers were borrowing from John Huston's Sierra Madre, they decided to snatch a bit of Huston's Maltese Falcon by having a "fat man" villain (played by Sidney Greenstreet clone Francis L. Sullivan). By the middle of the picture, the treasure hunters have fallen out and murder is committed. An expected ironic ending caps this workmanlike melodrama.

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Special Features The John Wayne Stock Company: Sean McClory On Location with Glenn Ford Batjac Trailer Original Theatrical Trailer Photo Gallery Plundering History -Introduction -The Oaxaca Valley -The Codex -The Ball Court -The Great City of Monte Alban -The Hall of Columns at Mitla

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