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Black Cobra:
Fred Williamson is Detective Robert Malone, a cop who shoots first and answers to no one! A sociopathic biker gang is terrorizing New York City, robbing and viciously murdering anyone who crosses their path. When a beautiful photographer snaps pictures of the gang committing unspeakable acts of violence, she becomes their next target. Assigned to protect her, Detective Malone dishes out his own brand of justice and disposes of the "human garbage."

Black Cobra 2:
Detective Robert Malone is sent to the Phiippines where the authorities turn a blind eye to his style of justice. Before long, Malone is caught in the middle of an international conspiracy involving a beautiful nightclub singer.

Black Cobra 3: Manila Connection:
The United States has been secretly funneling weapons of mass destruction to anti-Communist revolutionaries in Latin American countries. Hijackers intercept a large shipment of arms and blackmail the U.S. government. Interpol calls in rogue detective Robert Malone to do what diplomacy cannot.

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ALP5166 Black Cobra: The Complete Series DVD (1987/Fred Williamson) $5.99