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Academy Award winner Cloris Leachman stars in Crazy Mama as Melba Stokes, a middle-aged woman who runs a California beauty parlor with her mother Sheba (Ann Sothern) and teenage daughter Cheryl (Linda Purl). When the shop is repossessed, the three ladies take a road trip from California to the family home in Arkansas that turns into a crime spree. Also starring Donny Most ( Happy Days), Jim Backus and Stuart Whitman. Directed by Academy Award winner Jonathan Demme ( The Silence Of The Lambs).

Pamela Sue Martin stars in The Lady In Red as the infamous Lady in Red Polly Franklin, whose red dress serves as an identifying beacon for the FBIs murder of public enemy #1, John Dillinger (Robert Conrad). From sweatshop to dime-a-dance hall, from prison to house of prostitution, Pollys journey brings her even closer to the gang-run crime world of the 30s: until that fateful day she meets and falls in love with John Dillinger. Also starring Academy Award winner Louise Fletcher ( One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest) and Christopher Lloyd ( Back To The Future)

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Special Features

* "Crazy Mama":
* Audio commentary with director Jonathan Demme and Roger Corman
* Interview with Jonathan Demme and Roger Corman
* Theatrical trailer and tv spots
* "The Lady in Red":
* Audio commentary with director Lewis Teague and actor Robert Forster
* Audio commentary with producer Julie Corman and screenwriter John Sayles
* Theatrical trailers

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