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Rather than give damning testimony against his parents in their upcoming divorce case, millionaire scion Tommy Neville runs away from home and tries to survive on the street. A rival newsboy knocks Tommy unconscious and he is picked up by a fancy limousine whose occupants witnessed the attack. His rescuers are Terry Mallon, a racketeer with a heart of gold, and his daughter, Kitty. Hanging with the gangsters, the repressed rich boy has the time of his life and Terry teaches him some "mob" tactics, guaranteed to reunite Tommy's parents. Betty Compson was an 18 year old violinist when she began appearing in a series of comedies usually with Fatty Arbuckle. She became one of the biggest stars of the silent screen earning $5,000 a week in her heyday. Some of her many notable performances include The Miracle Man (1919), The Great Gabbo (1929) and The Lady Refuses (1931). Betty headlines The Millionaire Kid, receiving strong support from former silent star Bryant Washburn and perennial cowboy sidekick Al St. John in this heartfelt Reliable Pictures production.

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ALP6661 Millionaire Kid DVD (1936/Betty Compson) $5.99