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Cockfighter (1974, Color): Cockfighter Frank Mansfield never speaks. He prefers to have his birds do the talking for him by ripping apart the competition. Frank's life however, plummets into a downward spiral when he loses his prized cock, trailer and girlfriend to fellow trainer Jack Burke. Frank is now on a relentless mission to regain his pride and reputation by becoming "Cockfighter of the Year." Cockfighter, based on Charles Willeford's novel of the same name, features several scenes of actual, brutal cockfights organized solely for the film, resulting in its being banned in the UK and Scotland. Intended as an exploitation film by low-budget producer Roger Corman, the film is a surprisingly powerful, existential portrait of a man seeking redemption, thanks to the brilliant direction of Monte Hellman (The Shooting, Two Lane Blacktop) and superb performances by Warren Oates and a great supporting cast. Stars Warren Oates, Harry Dean Stanton, Millie Perkins, Troy Donahue; Directed by Monte Hellman. Mad Dog Morgan (1976, Color): For 'Mad Dog' Morgan, revenge was the only reason to live. Driven to thievery by hard times amid Australia's gold rush, Morgan is captured and sentenced to twelve years hard labor. Despite brutal emotional and physical abuse, Morgan endures his imprisonment and is released into the outback as a"bushranger". Seeking revenge on those men in power who were responsible for his life-gone-wrong, Morgan runs roughshod over the countryside - becoming a hero to the downtrodden. Based on historical events during the Australian gold rush, Mad Dog Morgan is a theatrical recounting of the life of John Fuller, an ill-tempered, alcoholic outlaw who terrorized settlers and gunned-down at least three men before being shot in the back and killed on April 8, 1865. Starring Dennis Hopper, Jack Thompson, David Gulpilil, Michael Pate; Directed by Philippe Mora.

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ALP5558 Cockfighter/Mad Dog Morgan Double Feature DVD (1974/1976/Warren Oates/Dennis Hopper) $5.99