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A bountiful sci-fi triple feature of girls, goons and guns! Kiss Kiss Kill Kill: Based on a popular series of German adventure novels, the Kommissar X films sprang up in Germany as competition to the popular exploits of James Bond. Private eye Joe Walker (so cool and egotistical that he has his own personal theme song!) and police captain Tom Rowland must find out who's killing off a group of influential businessmen. The reason? A fortune in gold made radioactive so it couldn't be claimed for five years... but now someone can't wait! Death Is Nimble, Death Is Quick: The crime-fighting duo journey to Ceylon to tangle with murder, kidnaping, extortion and the threat to unleash a deadly bacteria. Soon they're tangling with a deadly group called "Three Yellow Cats" and their leader, King, in a karate fight to the death! So Darling, So Deadly: A scientist invents a filter that can increase the power of a laser beam, turning it into a death ray! A dangerous crime organization wants the device and will stop at nothing to get it, while murder and violence follow Joe and Tom to Singapore as they try to foil the evil plans.

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RET3686 Kommissar X Collection DVD (1966/Tony Kendall) $9.98