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Incredible Two-Headed Transplant -- Both films deal with the still unapproved surgical procedure of grafting a second head onto a human body. The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant is awfully funny, though it seems to be taking itself seriously. Wacky scientist, fired from his hospital decides to show the medical world he's worth something by creating a two-headed man. Sounds simple enough, he already has numerous two-headed animals. When an escaped rapist/killer tries to assault the doctor's wife, the doctor blows him away and sticks the head onto the local retarded handyman. The doctor and his assistant actually seemed surprised that the thing goes on a killing spree after it escapes. The Thing With Two Heads. This time we're going for laughs. Though it's less serious, the explanation of grafting a second head is more believable this time. A definite career low for Ray Milland, who appears as a racist surgeon. He doesn't want to hire a black doctor even though he has a great reputation. Milland is dying of cancer and wants a body donor from death row to graft his head onto, then after his head adjusts to the body, remove the convict's head and replace it with his own. With time running out and only one donor that turns out to be a black man who has other plans-he wants to clear his name of a crime he was accused of.

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MG103548 Incredible Two-Headed Transplant/The Thing With Two Heads Double Feature DVD (1971/1972/Bruce Dern/Ray Milland) $9.99