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From Lippert Pictures two Sci-Fi adventures! KING DINOSAUR: Ten million miles away, astronauts discover another ?earth? inhabited by huge animals, reptiles, dinosaurs, and a giant antisocial iguana. Bert I. Gordon special effects, too! From the original 35mm widescreen negative. THE JUNGLE: A Princess, her advisor, and an American hunter trek deep into the jungles of India seeking the source of elephant raids on native villages. They soon discover that prehistoric wooly mammoths are running rogue over the natives! Filmed on location in India. From the original 35mm negative.

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Special Features: Original theatrical trailers, Bios, Scenes censored from the British release, Sample pages from the original script, with director;s notes, Marie Windsor Remembers The Jungle as told to Tom Weaver, Trivia, Photo Gallery: Theatre Lobby Cards, Behind the scenes

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UEKPF563 King Dinosaur/The Jungle Double Feature DVD (1952/1955/Bill Bryant/Cesar Romero) $14.99 $13.49