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The ferocious fists of lumberjack Hal Donovan are fast and powerful. After he beats ex-heavyweight champ Slug in a north woods lumber camp, the retired fighter persuades Hal to become a professional boxer. He proves to be a natural, besting all opponents. Hal soon meets Kay, the beautiful daughter of a boxer who is now an invalid from his years in the ring. His love for Kay compels Hal to reluctantly abandon his new profession, but when he discovers that she's desperately in need of money to care for her father, he agrees to one last bout. Flying Fists, produced by low budget king Sam Katzman, showcases the prowess of Olympic athlete Herman Brix. After his first starring role, playing the King of the Jungle in The New Adventures of Tarzan, Brix appeared in a number of serials for Republic Pictures before changing his name to Bruce Bennett and moving to Warner Bros. Born in 1906, Bennett is a veteran of over 100 films. Co-star Fuzzy Knight was a vaudeville performer who broke into motion pictures with the help of Mae West. He appeared in countless B-movies including Horror Island, The Silver Bullet and Code Of The Lawless.

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ALP5207 Flying Fists DVD (1937/Herman Brix) $5.99