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This action-adventure-comedy begins innocently when a brash sailor Rusty Gibbs bets his fellow sailors that he can get a date with any woman. HIs pals make it tough by giving him one week to take "book worm" librarian Doris Kimbell to the Crow's Nest, a notorious night spot. Things turn serious as Rusty not only finds himself falling in love with Doris but that he has a rival for her affections in Julian Everett. The situation becomes deadly as Julian reveals himself to be part of a spy ring. He believes that Rusty is secretly working for Naval Intelligence and is trying to thwart his plans to kill a European Baron. Made by Republic Pictures, who specialized in action-oriented "B" movies, Navy Blues is an entertaining example of the studio's approach in combining action with comedy. Although his life and career were cut short at the age of 36 in 1944, leading man Dick Purcell will always be remembered as the first to play Captain America in the 1944 Republic serial. Two of Purcell's betting buddies are played by Joe Sawyer and Horace McMahon. Although each had a lengthy film career, they gained greater recognition on TV... Sawyers as army Sgt. O'Hara in "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" (1954-59) and McMahon as police Lt. Mike Parker in "The Naked City" (1958-63).

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