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Robert Mitchum's son Christopher heads the cast of this Italian melodrama. Despite the horrific title, the film is actually a Mafia yarn. Arthur Kennedy shows up as a WASP-ish Godfather type, while Barbara Bouchet is the love interest. The presence of Hollywood names in the cast was supposed to create a market for Cauldron of Death in the U.S.

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Dark Sky Films has done well by fans of Eurocult fare with this disc of Ricco The Mean Machine. The transfer has some minor flaws but is solid overall: despite a few moments of video grain in a few dark scenes, it offers an anamorphic widescreen image that has a nice levels of detail. Fans will also be happy to know that the film is uncut and all the film's notorious acid-bath scenes are presented intact here. The mono audio uses the English dub of the film and delivers a solid, basic soundscape. Dialogue is sometimes low in the mix but this seems like an aspect of the mix rather than a technical flaw because the other sonic elements come through just fine. Also included are a few extras. The first is an Italian-language trailer (thankfully, the producers saw fit to add English subtitles). The more substantial extra is a video interview with star Chris Mitchum, which not only discusses Ricco The Mean Machine but also offers a nice thumbnail sketch of his career, including some interesting stories about his friendship with John Wayne. All in all, this disc is a solid and reasonably-priced effort that is worth the time for Eurocult fans. Special Features * "Mitchum the Mean Machine" - featurette with Christopher Mitchum * Still gallery * Trailer

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