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Two twin brothers, both renowned gynecologists, descend into madness after becoming romantically involved with the same woman in this disturbing, horrific drama. Jeremy Irons delivers a bravura performance as both Beverly and Elliot Mantle, Toronto-based surgeons who operate an exclusive gynecological clinic and share a reputation as brilliant innovators. They also share lovers, as the more aggressive, confident Elliott seduces women and later secretly allows the shier, more intellectual Beverly to reap the benefits. This arrangement is disturbed when Beverly falls in love with their newest conquest, Claire Niveau (Genevieve Bujold), a famous actress with an unusual gynecological deformity. Beverly's relationship with the hard-living Claire leads to him to turn away from Elliot and begin a dangerous involvement with drugs and alcohol. Elliot senses his brother's rapid decline into addiction and paranoia and attempts to save him, only to start falling victim to the same urges. Director David Cronenberg adapted the loosely fact-based tale to his own creepy purposes, tapping into primal fears regarding the uncanniness of twins and male sexual panic. His notorious gore was used sparingly here, however, with the film's most disturbing moments coming through suggestion, as in the display of a group of terrifying surgical instruments created by Beverly in his madness. Cronenberg's expertise with special effects proves crucial, however, as he and his regular cinematographer Peter Suschitzsky seamlessly combine Irons' two performances in a manner unrivalled by any previous depiction of twins. This visual achievement is more than matched by Irons, who delivers what may be his career performance, delineating the twins' differences and similarities and embodying their collapse in frighteningly believable fashion. The subject matter and chilly tone may be too intense for some viewers, but the brilliant central performance and intellectually provocative approach will prove thoroughly absorbing for others.

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Experience one of horror craftsman David Cronenberg's most disturbing features as Jeremy Irons essays the chilling duel roles of twin doctors locked in a perpetual struggle of emotional dependence and mind games that will leave you mesmerized and horrified. The feature is presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen and offers audio rendered in both closed-captioned English Dolby Digital 5.1 and English Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround with optional English, French, and Spanish subtitles. Though the widely praised feature was originally given the deluxe treatment by Criterion when first released on DVD in 1998, Warner Home Video has also included some appealing bonus materials that will certainly make this an attractive release to Cronenberg aficionados. After listening to star Irons discuss the finer points of working with Cronenberg in an audio commentary track, viewers can hear more about the production in cast/filmmaker interviews and filmographies. A brief behind-the-scenes featurette delves into production even further, with a theatrical trailer and a fun "Dead Ringers Psychological Profiler" offering viewers the chance to test their own mental stability against that of the good -- or was it bad? -- doctor.

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