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A shutterbug is haunted by psychic visions of the killer who is murdering all of her friends in this hit thriller. Intense and driven, successful photographer Laura Mars (Faye Dunaway) has made a name for herself by juxtaposing sex and violence in her glamorous photos. But at the height of her success -- and just as a media backlash is brewing -- she begins to experience daydreams from the point of view of a serial killer as he relentlessly stalks and murders her associates. Her unbalanced ex-husband (Raul Julia) seems like an obvious suspect, especially when his new girlfriend is murdered and he goes on the lam. But Laura is shocked by the prospect that the killer could be somebody out to discredit her work, which she views as an artistic commentary on the degradation of the modern world. Under the protection of police detective John Neville (Tommy Lee Jones), Laura is unable to save even one of her friends from a violent end. Soon, she finds herself inside the mind of the killer as he marches down a familiar hallway: the one outside her own door.

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SpecialFeatures * Director's commentary * Original making-of featurette * "Eyes on Laura" photo gallery * Digitally mastered anamorphic video * Production notes * Interactive menus * Audio: English [mono] * Subtitles: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai * Talent files * Bonus trailers * Scene selections

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CO02847 Eyes of Laura Mars DVD (1978/Faye Dunaway) $9.95