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A deadly triangle of repressed lust develops between petty criminal Frank Clemmons (Dirk Bogarde), Dr. Clive Esmond (Alexander Knox), an eminent psychiatrist and his beautiful wife Glenda (Alexis Smith). Caught robbing Dr. Esmond at gunpoint, Clemmons volunteers to become part of the doctor's social rehabilitation experiment rather than serve a prison sentence. Confined to the Doctor's home for six months, Clemmons becomes a plaything for Esmond's radical psychotherapy and a target for young wife Glenda's stern moral reprimands. Repelled and then attracted by Clemmons' smoldering glances, Glenda pits doctor against patient - husband against lover - according to her own perverse desire for attention and domination by men. Murder and violence hang in the air, while murky loyalties and allegiances stew to a shocking climax of animalistic fury.

Famed director Joseph Losey, having fled to England as a result of McCarthy-era blacklisting, helmed this stylish effort under the psuedonym Victor Hanbury.

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