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Christopher Cross (Edward G. Robinson) is a middle-aged bank cashier and Sunday painter trapped in a loveless marriage to an insufferable shrew. He comes in contact with a sexy young hustler, Kitty March (Joan Bennett), and falls head-over-heels in love - not even realizing that she is a prostitute. When her sleazy pimp-boyfriend Johnny Prince (Dan Duryea) comes to believe that Chris is wealthy, the two conspire to relieve him of his money. The plot twists and turns as theft and betrayal turn to murder and madness. Fritz Lang's brilliant direction provides an unflinching look at Chris' unraveling, while touching on complex themes like art and the artist and the corruption of the wealthy. This richly nuanced film is one you will return to for repeated viewings.

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ALP3101 Scarlet Street DVD (1945/Edward G. Robinson) $5.99