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Pam Grier rocketed to stardom as the queen of blaxploitation films with this big cult hit. Director Jack Hill casts Grier as a hardworking nurse out to avenge her smack-addicted 11-year-old sister by waging a one-woman war on Los Angeles drug dealers. Better believe she can do it, too. After her cop friend Carter (William Elliott) is beaten up for not being crooked, Foxy decides to go undercover as a high-class Jamaican prostitute for King George (Robert Doqui), a super mack-daddy pimp with big-time heroin connections.

Pam Grier plays Foxy, a toughened woman living in a drug-plagued Los Angeles ghetto who goes on a one-woman mission of vengeance after her undercover cop boyfriend (Terry Carter) is shot down in the street. The badass lass goes undercover herself, as a call girl for the evil mistress of the drug cartel (Kathryn Loder), and with the help of a neighborhood vigilante committee, wreaks some hell on the bad guys.

Sheba Shayne (Pam Grier) brings her big-city street smarts to her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, to protect her father, an upstanding businessman, from the criminals who are trying to intimidate him into retirement. Chicago's top private investigator, Sheba joins forces with Brick (Austin Stoker), her father's partner and her former lover, in order to track down the thugs who've been threatening Daddy's life.

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