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Souls of Sin (1949):
In Harlem, temptation lurks around every corner. Hard luck gambler "Dollar Bill" Burton hates his squalid existence sharing a run-down basement apartment with a struggling writer and a penniless blues guitarist from Alabama. All three men dream of success in the Big Apple, but only Dollar Bill is desperate enough to stoop to crime to achieve it. Dealing cocaine for gangster Bad Boy George could be Bill's ticket out of Harlem - or it could be a one-way boarding pass to hell.
Starring Jimmy Wright, Savannah Churchill, Emory Richardson, William Greaves; Directed by Powell Lindsay.

Murder on Lenox Ave. (1941):
The crowded rooms of Harlem tenement buildings become crucibles of populist politics and powerful passions. Crooked businessman Leon Marshall runs the local Better Business League as his personal fiefdom, enriching himself at the expense of the poor. He faces a challenge from Pa Williams, a respected patriarch in the community. Marshall and his hunchback henchman Lomax are determined to end Williams' political life - not with ballots, but with bullets.
Starring Mamie Smith, Edna Mae Harris, Augustus Smith, Norman Astwood; Directed by Arthur Dreifuss.

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