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Madison Avenue man-about-town Stuart "Mac" McAllister (George Brent) has his sights set on the Great White Way's most celebrated leading lady, the glamorous and sophisticated Helen Walbridge (Verree Teasdale). Mac thinks he's about to have the night of his life when the perpetually overbooked Helen slips him the keys to her midtown love palace, only to encounter prep-school graduate Lois Johnson (Jean Muir) at her place instead. Cloistered and closeted away by Helen thanks to the scandalous secret that connects them, Mac gallantly offers to advise and guide Lois through her coming out to the sophisticated set. With Helen determined to drive Lois away from her new best pal Mac, and Lois falling to the seductive ways of the swells, Mac had better realize his feelings before it's too late!

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WAA636461 Desirable DVD (1934/George Nrent) $21.99