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Hit and Run 1957 In this thriller, a middle-aged husband is insanely jealous of his trophy wife, a showgirl. The young bride soon becomes romantically involved with one of her husband's employees. Together they conspire to kill the old goat. The treacherous wife then leaves her late husband's estate to his twin brother, an ex-con recently released from prison. In an interesting plot twist, it is discovered that the lovers actually murdered the twin brother, not the husband. The husband then begins exacting his revenge. Hold Back Tomorrow 1955 In this bizarre drama, an inmate on death row has one final request before his impending hanging: he wants to spend the night with a woman. The police bring him a suicidal prostitute. After a night of lovemaking, the two decide they are in love and are married by the prison chaplain. This eases his torment about going to the gallows. Just before he is to be killed, he describes a dream he had where the rope breaks during the hanging, the death bell rings, and he is freed. As he prays for his miracle the death bell tolls and the film fades to black.

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HEH571 Hit and Run/Hold Back Tomorrow DVD (Hugo Haas/Cleo Moore) $24.99