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Flame Barrier 1958 The X-117 satellite is launched to explore an area of deep space more than 200 miles above Earth, which is bounded by what is called "the flame barrier," a deadly zone of heat and radiation that can destroy any object that comes in contact with it. The satellite reaches orbit, but nine days after launch the X-117 suddenly disappears, and is presumed to have been destroyed. Six months later, in a remote part of Mexico, Carol Dahlmann (Kathleen Crowley) arrives to search for her husband, a scientist who believed the X-117 had survived and crashed in the jungle, and who led an expedition in search for the satellite -- he has been missing ever since. She hires two brothers, Dave (Arthur Franz) and Matt Hollister (Robert Brown), to accompany her into one of the most remote parts of the jungle on her search. They find all kinds of ominous signs on their journey, including animals that have died off without explanation, Indians who are in mortal fear of a "fire god," and dying men who turn up with horrible burns on their bodies. And when they finally reach Dahlmann's camp and locate the satellite, they find with it an impending threat to the safety of the entire world.

By the Pricking of My Thumbs:
This mystery concerns the disappearance of a doddering old woman who leaves behind a strange, spooky painting of a cottage in the woods, an unnerving figure lurking in the structure's window. Miss Marple is on the trail, but she allows the lonely, alcoholic wife of a government investigator to take the lead—a boost to the younger woman's self-esteem.

The Moving Finger:
This mystery revolves around a cheeky--almost subversive--vision of a rosy, picture-postcard village whose tranquility is undone by a series of hateful letters mailed to individuals in the community. Miss Marple, observing the tragic effects of these missives on relationships and reputations, is practically in the background in this story, watching closely as a nihilistic young man (James D'Arcy) comes out of his cynical, alcohol-laced haze to investigate the source of so much misery. From the Earth to the Moon 1958 The resurgence of interest in Jules Verne following the release of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) led to a brief cycle of Verne-based films. Produced in Mexico by Benedict Bogeaus, From the Earth to the Moon stars Joseph Cotten as eccentric Civil War-era scientist Victor Barbicane. Claiming to have invented a source of "infinite energy" called Power X, Barbicane is able to secure financing for a rocket trip to the moon. Along for the ride is Barbicane's bitter enemy, Stuyvesant Nicholl (George Sanders), who feels that Barbicane is violating the laws of God and nature with his extraterrestrial dreams. Thus, Nicholl sabotages the space vessel, setting the stage for a suspenseful finale. The requisite romantic interest is handled by Barbicane's daughter Virginia (a newly blonde Debra Paget) and his assistant Ben Sharpe (Don Dubbins). Wandering in and out of the proceedings is a mysterious bearded character known only as J.V. (Carl Esmond). Hampered by a small budget, From the Earth to the Moon doesn't deliver the special effects highlights that its ad campaign implicitly promised, but the actors are convincing and the story is logically presented. Originally slated for RKO release, the film was ultimately distributed by Warner Bros.

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