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DELUXE TWO-DISC EDITION AVANT-GARDE 3 EXPERIMENTAL CINEMA 1922-1954 CAVALCANTI MAAS PETERSON BROUGHTON BUTE KESSLER WHITNEY KIRSANOFF MURPHY MARC'O WATSON HUFF From THE Collection of THE GEORGE EASTMAN HOUSE AND FROM THE RAYMOND ROHAUER COLLECTION From the little theaters of the 1920s to the ad hoc film societies of the '50s, avant-garde cinema knew no established form and held no predictable position. The boundaries of its history are still hotly debated, but its rough sensibilities informed and permeated the city symphonies of Alberto Cavalcanti, the visual music of Mary Ellen Bute and John Whitney, the classroom films of Sidney Peterson, the confessional film poems of Willard Maas and John E. Schmitz, the Lettrist cinema of Marc'O, and even marginal exploitation films and home movies. Drawn from the rich collections of Raymond Rohauer and the George Eastman House, Kino's third volume of experimental films continues to illuminate the degree to which cinema's evolution has been influenced by those filmmakers who occupy its periphery. DISC ONE * DANSE MACABRE US 1922 Color Tinted 6 Min. Dir: Dudley Murphy * RIEN QUE LES HEURES (Nothing But Time) US 1926 B&W 46 Min. Dir: Alberto Cavalcanti Music by Larry Marotta * THE TELL-TALE HEART US 1928 B&W 20 Min. Dir: Charles F. Klein Music by Sue Harshe * TARANTELLA US 1940 Color 4 Min. Dir: Mary Ellen Bute, Ted Nemeth * TOMATOS ANOTHER DAY US 1930 B&W 7 Min. Dir: James Sibley Watson * THE UNCOMFORTABLE MAN US 1948 B&W 23 Min. Intentionally silent Dir: Kent Munson, Theodore Huff The above films are from the collection of the George Eastman House Motion Picture Department * THE PETRIFIED DOG US 1948 B&W 18 Min. Dir: Sidney Peterson * THE LEAD SHOES (National Film Registry> US 1949 B&W 16 Min. Dir: Sidney Peterson * FOUR IN THE AFTERNOON US 1951 B&W 14 Min. Dir: James Broughton DISC TWO * PLAGUE SUMMER US 1951 B&W 15 Min. Dir: Chester Kessler * LA MORT DU CERF (The Death of a Stag) France 1951 B&W 12 Min. Dir: Dimitri Kirsanoff * IMAGE IN THE SNOW US 1952 B&W 26 Min. Dir: Willard Maas * CELERY STALKS AT MIDNIGHT France 1952 Color 3 Min. Dir: John Whitney * THE VOICES US 1953 B&W 14 Min. Dir: John E. Schmitz * CLOSED VISION US 1954 B&W 65 Min. Dir: Marc'O BONUS FILMS * TOMATOS ANOTHER DAY (outtakes) US 1930 B&W 5 Min. Dir: James Sibley Watson * EPISODES IN THE LIFE OF A GIN BOTTLE US 1925 B&W 11 Min. Dir: Bela von Block Music by Paul Mercer, Bruce Bennett and Davis Petterson * SCHICHLEGRUBER DOING THE LAMBETH WALK UK 1941 B&W 2 Min. Dir: Charles A. Ridley * DEMENTIA (excerpt) US 1955 B&W 5 Min. Dir: John Parker * FALLING PINK US circa late 1950s Color 9 Min. Dir: Robert H. Spring Music by Paul Mercer and Bruce Bennett

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