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Border Menace (1934, B&W): Undercover Ranger Bill Williams is hot on the trail of Chuck Adams, a claim jumper who's been keeping himself plenty busy. Playing the role of a stickup man in need of work, Bill quickly gains Adams' trust. His crusade may be headed for disaster, though, as the last victim of Bill's confidence game has escaped prison, and would love nothing more than to settle the score. Rodeo star Bill Cody's career took him from silent westerns into the talkie era, though he went on hiatus several times to tour full time with various Wild West shows. Starring Bill Cody, Miriam Rice, George Chesebro; Directed by Jack Nelson. Circle Of Death (1935, B&W): Tensions between a settlement of ranchers and the local Indians are about to boil over. Making matters worse is J.F. Henry, a scheming saloon owner who suspects the Indians are sitting on a fortune in gold. Jim Little, a white man adopted by the Indians as a baby, endeavors to protect the gold, and also helps the Carr family, whose own land is under siege by Henry and his thugs. Montie Montana, a famous trick roper, played opposite some of the greats - John Wayne, Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, and even President Eisenhower, whom he famously roped during the President's 1953 Inaugural Parade. Starring Montie Montana, Tove Lindan, Yakima Canutt; Directed by J. Frank Glendon.

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