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Simon Yam Tat-Wah portrays the title character (not a doctor), an insane maniac who does things to women (living and dead) that are better left undescribed. This early 1990s movie is an "infamous" Category III title from Hong Kong. Danny Lee (the prototypical "cop" from tons of HK cop and triad flicks) plays the inspector in charge of solving the case and getting a confession (i.e., beating the suspect up until he confesses). If you dislike violence and nudity thrown together, avoid this at all costs. If you think jokes about severed bodily parts are in poor taste, feel free to pass. However, if you are a fan of HK Category III movies, don't mind gore, extreme violence toward women, have enjoyed HK police procedurals/ confession beating stories, and like Simon Yam and/or Danny Lee you'll love this one.

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