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Vincent Zhao is the martial arts dynamo who runs the gauntlet to snatch a boy from a well-guarded mobster and get him to a grade school full of hostages held by angry former marine Anthony Wong (Hard Boiled). It makes for near nonstop action la Walter Hill's The Warriors, from furious car chases with the cops to elaborate fights with gangster thugs to impossibly complicated traps sprung all over the city. The film unfortunately lacks the stylistic outrageousness and melodramatic excess that made the Hong Kong New Wave so wild, and stolid Zhao has neither the chops nor the charisma of Jackie Chan or Jet Li. Wong carries the film as a devastated stepdad abandoned by his country and let down by an indifferent bureaucracy. The rest is merely a zippy run through a flimsy plot full of absurd twists and painful humor.

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TS00304 Fist Power VHS (2000/Anthony Wong/Vincent Zhao) $5.99