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Hard Target--Jean-Claude Van Damme, "the Muscles from Brussels," has sought to revitalize his flagging career by working with the most adrenalized directors from Hong Kong action films. His first such effort was this, the umpteenth remake of The Most Dangerous Game, which teamed him with Hong Kong's most fluid action poet, John Woo. Woo does what he can but, as much magic as he injects into the action, he can't turn Van Damme into an actor. Still, this is above-average fare for the wooden Belgian, in which he plays a guy trying to bust a ring of hunters who pay for the right to track and kill human quarry. And Woo has the ever-reliable Lance Henriksen as the chief bad guy, always a plus. Sudden Death--Yet another crib from the "Die Hard" blueprint, this one set in a hockey arena during the Stanley Cup playoffs and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Powers Boothe is the heavy, who organizes his men to hold the visiting Vice-President for ransom, and Van Damme kicks lots of butt to save the day. The editing is rapid, and the action sequences deliver the goods. This project won't make Van Damme the superstar he wants to be, but it does make the notion at least entertainable-he comes off as a handsomer (and warmer) Stallone. Economically directed, with the appropriate gooffiness, by Peter Hyams.

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