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"Thar she blows!" shouts Tommy as his fellow fishermen row in pursuit of a whale off the coast of their Newfoundland fishing village. Once harpooned, the behemoth pulls its fearless pursuers on a harrowing "sleigh ride" through treacherous waters, and the thrilling hunt costs the dashing young whaler his right arm. Tough rival Zack, who for years grudgingly played second fiddle to his fearless compatriot, figures his day has now come. Tommy, however, makes it clear that the loss of a limb won't keep him from future high sea adventures, even if he has to learn the art of one-armed harpooning. Independently produced on actual locations, I Conquer The Sea! features some of the finest whaling footage ever captured on film and is a stirring tribute to men who risked their lives battling the elements. Director Victor Halperin and his brother Edward had earlier collaborated on the classic Bela Lugosi horror film White Zombie (1932).

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ALP5479 I Conquer The Sea DVD (1936/George Cleveland) $14.95