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What if virtual reality wasn't just for fun, but was being used to imprison you? That's the dilemma that faces mild-mannered computer jockey Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) in The Matrix. It's the year 1999, and Anderson (hacker alias: Neo) works in a cubicle, manning a computer and doing a little hacking on the side. It's through this latter activity that Thomas makes the acquaintance of Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), who has some interesting news for Mr. Anderson -- none of what's going on around him is real. The year is actually closer to 2199, and it seems Thomas, like most people, is a victim of The Matrix, a massive artificial intelligence system that has tapped into people's minds and created the illusion of a real world, while using their brains and bodies for energy, tossing them away like spent batteries when they're through. Morpheus, however, is convinced Neo is "The One" who can crack open The Matrix and bring his people to both physical and psychological freedom.

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Special Features: In-Movie Experience! Your Adventure Thrillingly Continues As the Cast and Creative Team Guide You Through a Unique Interactive Infiltration of the Filmmaking Process. Plus These Special Features Written Introduction by the Wachowski Brothers 2 Commentaries: Philosophers: Dr. Cornel West and Ken Wilber Critics: Todd McCarthy, John Powers and David Thomson Behind the Matrix Documentary Gallery: 4 Featurettes Including The MTV Movie Awards Reloaded Enter the Matrix: The Game Documentary Enter the Matrix: View 23 Live-Action Scenes Shot for the Video Game That Plug into the Action of The Matrix Reloaded Car Chase Documentary Gallery: 9 Featurettes Teahouse Fight Documentary Gallery: 2 Featurettes Unplugged Documentary Gallery: 5 Featurettes Iíll Handle Them Documentary Gallery: 4 Featurettes The Exiles Documentary Gallery: 2 Featurettes P.O.D. Sleeping Awake Music Video Theatrical Trailers and TV Spots

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