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The making of a murderer Ethereal beauty Angel Wharton is the devil in disguise. When she kidnaps a child as prey for a pedophile, you know she is evil. But what--or who--made her that way? This riveting British miniseries explores the mind and motivations of a psychopath (Emilia Fox, The Pianist), moving backwards through time to learn where it all went wrong. Is it the fault of Angelís father (Charles Dance, Bleak House), an ambitious but distant vicar? Her weak mother? The family friend obsessed with secrets? A long-dead heretic priest and his apocalyptic writings? Or the childhood friend who betrayed her? Based on the acclaimed Roth Trilogy by crime writer Andrew Taylor, this tense drama unravels the web of circumstances that creates a serial killer.

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DVD BONUS FEATURE 47-minute behind-the-scenes special.

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