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"Apoplectic" is the word to describe Lewis Black's 2006 engagement at Washington DC's Warner Theater. There's eye-crossing, teeth-gnashing, raspy-voiced yelling, and liberal use of the f-word. (As Black reveals, the Kennedy Center refused their facilities on the grounds that he used the word 42 times in his first hour-long HBO special.) Then again, George W. Bush's second term has given the comedian much to be apoplectic about--Dick Cheney's hunting mishap, airport (in)security, the president's support of creationism, and the inanity of 24-hour cable news. At one point, he admits, "I just can't keep up with all the...stuff," although that isn't his exact phrase. Lest potential viewers think Black (The Daily Show, Black on Broadway) is nothing but a blue state apologist, he makes his distaste for John Kerry clear, i.e. "The fact of the matter is for the Democrats not to be able to find somebody who could've defeated George Bush is beyond belief--it's stunning." Black also explores misconceptions about Judaism, the media obsession with Terry Schiavo, and myths about the "homosexual agenda," which is to say: there isn't one. A few too many excretory jokes aside, Black otherwise makes good points and produces hearty laughs--some from his proud parents, who are part of the audience.

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Special Features Extended cut includes 15 extra minutes Behind the scenes, featuring the Box Office Girl Ride the Short Bus with Lewis Black Lewis Black Buck Naked in D.C. Lewis Black Probes Uncles Sam Why Lewis Black Shouldn't Be a Doctor

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