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The Bank Job: A small-time crook takes on a bank heist when an old friend offers him an inside track to the vault. Along with his hastily assembled team of low-rung criminals, Terry (Statham) finds himself deep into this real-life heist and quite suddenly the target of ruthless mobsters, the police, government officials at the highest level, and even the royal family. The Base: When an army operations officer is gunned down on the Camp Tillman Army Base, the Pentagon sends their top Army Intelligence officer- Major John Murphy (Mark Dacascos)- undercover to investigate. Assigned to the border patrol, Murphy discovers that senior Sgt. Mike Gammon (Tim Abel, Soldier of Fortune, Inc.) and his men are attempting to take over the drug business along the Mexican border.As Murphy delves deeper into the case, he begins to cross the line between his investigation and becoming part of the corruption- ultimately pitting himself against an entire army. Chain of Command: Charged to protect the U.S. President's (Roy Scheider) "football", a computer the size of a briefcase that can launch a worldwide nuclear attack, Agent Mike Connelly (Patrick Muldoon) and his colleagues in the elite command unit are prepared to react. But when one of their own betrays the code, Connelly may be all that stands between the act of a madman and the fate of the world. The Way of the Gun: From the Oscar®-winning screenwriter of The Usual Suspects, this wickedly offbeat mix of crime, comedy and gunplay stars Ryan Phillippe and 2001 Academy Award® winner Benicio Del Toro (Best Supporting Actor for Traffic). Convinced they'll score big money fast by kidnapping a young surrogate mother (Juliette Lewis) carrying the child of a wealthy Southwestern couple, the two small-caliber crooks soon run into major problems. Realizing too late that they’re in over their heads, the kidnappers fight to keep their plan from unraveling amid a rising tide of bloodshed, mind games and greed.

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LGE28977 Bank Job/The Base/Chain Of Command/The Way Of The Gun DVD (1998-2008) $14.98