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Beautiful Belle Harris (Florence Dudley) runs a prostitution ring out of the Berrywood Roadhouse for mobster Jim Murray (Wheeler Oakman). Murray abuses his women with a daily grind of salacious subjugation and sin that is as exhausting as it is cruel. Cold, cynical and consumed by hate, Belle relishes turning the most demure and innocent young "girls from good families" into wantonly money-grabbing ladies of the night. A raid on the roadhouse leads to a war on vice. The city police put the squeeze on the Murray syndicate. The entire operation quakes under the wrath of the law as newspaper men flock to chronicle the debauched testimony from Murray's former slave girls in bondage. Produced by film impresario J.D. Kendis, Slaves In Bondage is another exploitation extravaganza by the maker of Guilty Parents (1934), Gambling With Souls (1936), Paroled from the Big House (1938), Secrets of a Model (1940), Escort Girl (1941), Vegas Nights (1948) and Hollywood Burlesque (1949).

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