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Enjoy I Love Lucy’s entire Emmy-winning third season on five DVDs filled to the brim with classic TV comedy! Laugh out loud as Lucy and Ethel rip each other’s dresses to shreds during their televised duet of Cole Porter’s “Friendship.” Watch the fireworks when Lucy has to go 24 hours without telling a fib. Follow Lucy as her quest to recover a contest-winning dollar bill lands her in a giant starch vat. Tune in to Lucy and Ethel’ s unforgettable TV commercial for “Aunt Martha’s Old Fashioned Salad Dressing .” Learn golf the way the pros never played it, as Ricky and Fred teach the girls their own unique rules of the game. And revisit two much-loved episodes featuring guest star Tennessee Ernie Ford in his star turn as “Cousin Ernie.”

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Special Features All 31 uncut Season Three episodes, restored and digitally remastered Flubs Lost Scenes Restored Music “Behind-the-Scenes” Audio Featurette Original Series Openings Original Animated Sequences Script Excerpts Production Notes Spanish Subtitles Spanish Audio available on most episodes English Closed-Captions Scene Selections Song Selections Guest Cast Information Series Promotional Spot Five Complete Episodes of Lucy’s Radio Show: My Favorite Husband

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