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Ruthless crime boss Frankie Terris (Fred Keating) kills the son of his rival, Mannie Robbins, in a vicious street brawl. Terris is convicted and sentenced to 90 years at the infamous Alcatraz prison. Robbins plans revenge on Terris, vowing he'll never make it to "The Rock" alive. Murder and mayhem ensue as Terris must outwit hit-men and fellow convicts while traveling cross-country on the prison train. Featured player Linda Winters changed her name to Dorothy Comingore, and went on to star in Orson Welles' classic Citizen Kane. Clarence Muse, the erudite African-American lawyer, songwriter and actor of long-standing, was later inducted into the Black Filmmakers' Hall of Fame in 1973. Character actor and renowned dialectician Nestor Paiva is best remembered for his prominent roles in Mighty Joe Young, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Tarantula, The Mole People, Road to Morocco, Hold That Ghost and dozens of others.

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ALP4435 Prison Train DVD (1938/Dorothy Comingore) $5.99