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The League of Gentlemen doing what they do best. This Christmas special is guaranteed to be unlike any other you have seen before. Enjoy three spooky tales that will leave you mesmerized. Featuring the strongest collection of characters you will ever see; all played with extraordinary range by three actors/writers. This truly original Britcom has been likened to Shaun of the Dead and "Monty Python meets Twin Peaks"; customers will want watch these unedited, original UK versions over and over again to take in what they missed the first time!

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Special Features: Audio Commentary: Local Gossip (Commentary) Biographies: Local People (Character Biographies) Interviews: Interview with Composer Joby Talbot The League in Conversation with Paul Jackson - Full Version Other: Tales From Behind the Crypt Photo gallery: FX Shots

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WAE2270 League of Gentlemen Christmas Special DVD (2002/Mark Gatiss) $14.98 $13.49