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Welcome to Wernham Hogg, a suburban paper company where "life is stationery." Critics and fans alike have lauded this hilarious, biting look at everyday office life, told in the mockumentary style of cult comedy classics such as This is Spinal Tap and The Larry Sanders Show. The show revolves around David Brent, (an instant classic character widely compared to Basil Fawlt of Fawlty Towers) the oblivious general manager who instigates petty office rivalries. The wince-worthy Brent still considers himself "a friend first and a boss second...probably an entertainer third." Work is hell...but one man's misery is another man's hilarious home video hit. Welcome to The Office.

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Special Features Special Features: Biographies: Character biographies will provide fans with the inside look at their favorite Wernham Hogg employees Deleted Scenes: Never-before-seen footage from the first series Documentaries: Exclusive Documentary: "How I Made The Office" by Ricky Gervais - features hilarious interviews with the cast, writers and directors Other: 'Slough Slang' - the local lingo: a glossary of the characters' idiosyncratic vocabulary used around the office

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