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Scott Bairstow takes over for Ethan Hawke in this spirited (if clichéd) sequel involving a peaceful Haida Indian tribe and a con man in preacher's garb (Alfred Molina, just oozing evil) in 1906 Alaska. Bairstow discovers his inner wolf as he bonds with the tribe and falls in love with the chief's spirited daughter (Charmaine Craig), White Fang finds true love in a snow-white female wolf, and together they take on the dastardly villains who have stopped the caribou and imprisoned the hunters of the tribe. Less Jack London than a juvenile Dances with Wolves, this clunky but action-packed cliffhanger combines old-fashioned matinee Western clichés with Native American spiritualism and a celebration of nature. Though it's hardly subtle, the energetic action scenes and the beauty of the Alaskan summer make this an engaging adventure for the younger set.

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