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Wealth, power, women: all belong to whoever fights his way to black gold! A Whos-Who of 60s TV favorites, including Philip Carey (Laredo) and Diane McBain (Surfside 6), headline a tumultuous tale of wildcatters looking to get rich quick in the dusty oilfields of 1920s Oklahoma. Carey plays Frank McCandless, who crash lands his biplane into a field he realizes is ripe for exploration. He swaps his wings for a mud pump and starts drilling. But Chick Carrington (menacing bad-guy Claude Akins, whose film and TV credits include over 200 roles), a ruthless oil baron with an eye for the state senate, is out to stop Frank with dynamite if necessary. This boom-and-bust adventure adds in a pretty girl (McBain), a two-timing saloon singer and plenty of brawling action to keep the story speeding along. The film ends with a towering geyser of a gusher, but is it Frank or Chick who will claim the black gold?

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WAA366868 Black Gold DVD (1963/Philip Carey) $19.95