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Two cult classic, post-apocalyptic B-movies in one set. Def-Con 4: The Last Defense. The Last Hope. Howe (Tim Choate), Jordan (Kate Lynch), and Walker (John Walsch) are three astronauts who return to earth two months after a nuclear holocaust and must confront a new and terrifying reality. All the cities and towns have been destroyed. Shanty towns have been constructed from the refuse of the old world. Civilization has given way to barbarism. And the battle for the future of the world has just begun. Hell Comes To Frogtown: Welcome To The Future. A Mutant-Filled Industrial Nightmare. Sam Hell (Roddy Piper) is a muscle-bound combination of wise guy cool and deadly force. Itís up to Hell and the armed and dangerous beauty Spangle (Sandahl Bergman) to brave the barren wasteland once known as Earth and ruled by slimy, green overgrown amphibians. Their mission: to perpetuate the race by impregnating as many fertile women as possible. Humanityís last hope for survival lies in the abilities of a beauty and a beast!

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ID7759LA Def-Con 4 / Hell Comes to Frogtown DVD (1988) $9.99