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Dreamworks Pictures has taken the biblical story of Exodus, put it into cartoon form, and released it on the big screen as an epic animated feature. The Prince of Egypt tells the story of Moses releasing the Jews from Egyptian slavery under the hand of the evil pharaoh Rameses. Think of The Ten Commandments with songs and an all-star cast doing the voices. In the Charlton Heston role of Moses is Val Kilmer. Moses' brother Rameses, previously played by Yul Brynner, is now voiced by Ralph Fiennes. The story revolves around these two close brothers, Moses and Rameses. While Rameses is groomed to take over the land, his beloved brother Moses is a carefree prankster, Ida Lupino and Paul Henreid fall in love while Poland falls to the Nazis in this stirring wartime drama directed by Vincent Sherman and costarring silent-screen and stage legend Alla Nazimova. In March 1939, English tourist Jenny Whittredge (Lupino) travels to Warsaw to buy antiques and meets Stephan Orvid (Henreid), a Polish count she marries after a whirlwind courtship. Moving onto his family's farming estate, Jenny is looked down upon by Stephan's aristocratic sister (Nancy Coleman), uncle (Victor Francen) and mother (Nazimova), but succeeds in helping her husband modernize and make the harvests more profitable. Their happiness is short-lived, however, when Hitler invades and the couple must decide whether to defend the land or flee the German army.

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