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While taking a train trip from L.A. to Chicago, mild-mannered George Caldwell (Gene Wilder) makes the acquaintance of Hilly Burns (Jill Clayburgh). As they indulge in a brief bit of spooning, Hilly tells George that her boss is on the verge of exposing a group of vicious art forgers. Later that evening, George sees the body of Hilly's boss being thrown off of the train. Detective Sweet (Ned Beatty) agrees to investigate, but he too is bumped off. The instigator of these Robert Goulet is David March, code name Blue Light. March accepts the assignment as double agent to infiltrate Germany prior to the United States official involvement in the war. Living in Germany, he aids Nazi activities by broadcasting anti-American propaganda, and inserts essential strategic information in code to his High Commander, the only one who knows hes a double agent. Even Marchs French paramour, singer Suzanne Duchard (Christine Carere), believes hes on the side of the Nazis. Branded as a traitor and facing danger from many directions, March juggles to keep the suspicious Gestapo from their attempts to entrap him.

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FX117391 I Deal In Danger DVD (1966/Robert Goulet) $19.98