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Episode List: 1.) The Rainmakers (Learn to seed a cloud) 2.) The Lamplighters (Learn to make a lightbulb) 3.) Telephone Terrors (Learn about telephones) 4.) The Giant Clam Caper (Learn about deep sea diving) 5.) Tic-Tock (Learn how a clock works) 6.) Scuttled Sculpture (Learn about sculpture) 7.) The Bridge Builders (Learn to build a bridge) 8.) Howl, Howl, The Gang's All Here (Learn how to build a log cabin) 9.) Sail On, Sail On (Learn about sailing) 10.) Tell-Tale Telegraph (Learn about the telegraph) 11.) Rocket Ruckus (Learn about rockets) 12.) Tale Of A Tiger (Learn about battle armor) 13.) Wreck Of A Record (Learn how a record player works) 14.) Parachuting Pickle (Learn about parachutes) 15.) Wish-Wash (Learn about windmills)

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