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Joel McCrea and Mari Blanchard saddle up to catch a magnificent stallion in the action-packed Western, Black Horse Canyon. With plans to start their own breeding ranch, Rock Rockwell (McCrea) and his partner Ti (Race Gentry) set out to capture Outlaw, a spirited wild horse, unaware he once belonged to Aldis Spain (Blanchard), their neighbors headstrong niece. Agreeing to help her trap the beast, Rock runs afoul of Harry Jennings (Mervyn Vie), a vicious rival rancher who covets Outlaw for himself. Tensions mount as Aldis uses her wiles to persuade Rock to tame the stallion, while Jennings decides that if he cant have Outlaw nobody can and plots to kill the horse.

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MC97387 Black Horse Canyon DVD (1954/Joel McCrea) $19.98